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  • Battling ISIL: For the Hearts and Minds of our own Citizens

    Last night President Obama said we will attack ISIL (or ISIS or IS…). Yes, they are extremely nasty, it makes sense to attack people who massacre religious minorities and behead US reporters. Even the Pope agrees that in this case violence must be met with violence. That is the easy part. But the scariest aspect […]

  • Syria and Sarin: What are the consequences of saying sarin gas carries no punishment?

    To Congressman Capuano, Senator Warren, and Senator Markey Sirs, Madam: I write this open letter as a constituent and supporter, to encourage you to help President Obama on the matter of Syria. Certainly there are good reasons to not get involved in their civil war, and I share those concerns. I have been sickened to […]

  • Syria and Sarin: Let the Punishment Fit the Crime

    I am watching MSNBC, and Chris Hayes suggested that after the break he would tell us what we should do next about Syria.  Okay, that might be interesting, but let me see if I can answer the question first. It seems quite possible–though by no means certain–that Syria’s leader Assad has used Sarin gas. President […]