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New “Pebble Time” Watch Announced

Tuesday, February 24th, 2015

It looks good.

They still seem to understand what a watch is, that it is not a smartphone. They added color, but a low-power version of color. The competition has set themselves up to compete with the brightness of the sun if we were ever to venture outside. Pebble is still avoiding that losing battle. Bravo!

I am worried by the microphone. I fear that is a distraction, that isn’t as useful as we might imagine. Yes, when commuting alone in our cars it might be nice to talk to our watches, maybe while washing dishes, but mostly watches should be seen and not heard and not talked to either. It also might be a battery drain. Be wary, Pebble.

They are claiming the same battery life as before, I would have liked better. Maybe the screen won’t have to be refreshed once-a-second to try to fix display problems, and that will save batteries, but the microphone needs to be listened to to be useful and that takes power.

They did not come up with a self-winding feature, alas.

Price went up, but still well under the competition and I don’t mind Pebble making money. But I won’t be “Oh, sure.” buying one on spec. I’ll have to wait and see. My old Pebble is still a nice watch.

It is not a beautiful watch. Better looking than the first model, but not much.


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