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Hollywood has the term “magic negro”, but how much magic do we expect from this mortal man Obama?

Thursday, May 3rd, 2012

I heard on news this morning about reactionaries doing well in Greece, and I remember to note the general swing to the right in Europe: this is valuable perspective.

Obama has been very disappointing to those on the left, but remember the environment he is in. Who in the world has resisted swinging way right in this environment?  Mostly everyone is charging right.  At least Obama is resisting.  And he is resisting.

While I am defending the man, remember another disadvantage he has.  Not only did George II destroy both our government’s and our country’s finances, and not only did he try to make most of the world hate us…

He also did a damn good job of gutting the federal work force.  Good people were driven out, quit, and retired. Rightist incompetents were hired at every opportunity.  The people Obama has under his employ include a lot of terrible people who want to do bad things, people who are dolts and crooks.  People who now have civil service protections.

When Obama’s history is written his work to rebuild the basic functioning of our government will be a big item.

I am looking forward to reading It’s Even Worse Than It Looks, just out by Thomas E. Mann (Brookings) and Norman J. Ornstein (American Enterprise Institute).  There is an argument that Washington is not its most broken ever, that it was more broken just before the US civil war.  Wow, what a low bar.  Just before the war where we killed 700,000-plus fellow Americans, we were worse off than we are now.  We are in a very bad place.  My mother is right about that.

Hollywood has the term “magic negro” for a swath of characters with mystical powers, but how much magic do we expect from this mortal who is badly constrained by a reality that is trying to crush him and our country?  He is doing one hell of a good job.


©2012 Kent Borg

The ’00s Are Over!

Tuesday, May 3rd, 2011

Culturally the ’60s didn’t begin until about 1963 and lasted until about 1973. A powerful decade even with sloppy dates.

The ’00s have more precise dates: September 11th 2001 to May 2nd 2011.

Not everything in that decade is so tidy. Obama’s Cairo speech on June 4th, 2009, was a preview of the ’10s just as Bush v. Gore, on December 12th, 2000, was a preview of the ’00s. And there will be other exceptions, but these are pretty good dates. Too bad it was such a sorry decade.

What an embarrassment to have to admit it was Osama bin Laden’s decade. He got us to embrace fear, be proud of torture, invade on lies, govern by truthiness, and nearly ruin the global economy.

Count me as one who is happy to see that decade behind us.

-kb, the Kent who thinks it is a good sign we don’t have a current security alert as a CYA “just in case” measure.

©2011 Kent Borg

Obama Not Entirely Honest about Birth Certificate — and Will be Reelected

Wednesday, April 27th, 2011

Today the White House released Barack Hussein Obama’s “real” birth certificate.

I decided to do a little polling and had a question for someone I know who is conservative.  Let’s call him, um, “Joe”.

“Hey Joe.  Where was Obama born?”

Dang.  That wasn’t the answer I wanted, but I am still convinced there are a LOT of Americans who will say “Kenya!”  “Joe” just isn’t one of them.

Let me tell you the truth about this: the White House is not being entirely honest here.

The president said that “We’re not going to be able to solve our problems if we get distracted by sideshows and carnival barkers.”, the implication being that by releasing this document the distraction will somehow end.  It won’t.  Nothing will satisfy the birthers, nothing short of an admission that the 44th president was really born in Kenya followed by an apology and a resignation.  But he was born in Hawaii and is sticking to that story.  (He doesn’t actually remember being born in Hawaii.  He doesn’t directly know where he was born.  Rather, he looked at the evidence and rationally concluded that he was, indeed, born in Hawaii.  All rational people who look at the facts conclude he was born in Hawaii.)

No, the dishonesty is that they know perfectly well that the release of this document is only going to add fuel to the fire in the heart of every true birther, and that is good for Obama’s reelection.

The reason the White House released this document now is because most of the nation has come to accept that he is legitimately president, and that the birthers are wackos.

What a great time to feed some red meat to the wackos and get them really going!  The rest of the nation will shake their collective heads and wonder how we are going to bring down the deficit.

Obama will win in 2012.  He isn’t taking it for granted, and that is why he will win.

-kb, the Kent who be watching Michele Bachmann’s reaction, to judge whether she is really a true birther in her heart.

©2011 Kent Borg