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  • Two Wristwatches

    I realized that there is a very specific group of people out there (Hello!) who wear two wristwatches. The Venn diagram makes it a pretty exclusive group.

  • Mastodon

    I’m on Mastodon. P.S. Comments are broken and have been for sometime. Sorry.

  • Rescheduling Rio's Carnival?

    It’s the end of May, 2022, so I’m a month late in writing this, but still…it’s kind of appropriate. Read on. This year Rio held their Carnival (as in Mardi Gras or Fat Tuesday), in person! Live! Drinking, music, food, sights and sounds, pickpockets—all that fun stuff! After several years of canceling it due to […]

  • Saw a Slashdot headline "Intel Calls Its AI That Detects Student Emotions a Teaching Tool, Others Call it 'Morally Reprehensible'"

    Um, …Yes. People think the questions of AI ethics arise from dealing with the consequences of what Turing and all those cats invented: Computers. And they are right, to a point. But more it is about dealing with the consequences of what the Sumerians invented: Bureaucracy. Teachers infer the emotional state of students all the […]

  • Patron Saint of Ham Radio?

    Today, 19 May 2020, is Oliver Heaviside’ 170th birthday. Hurray! Who? Okay this post will be a bit technical…but only a bit. One of the giants of science is James Clerk Maxwell, he figured out the science behind how radio waves work. Pretty important stuff. He is immortalized in the famous four Maxwell Equations. Maybe […]

  • Inviting Phishing: Stop Training People to Be Fooled

    As we try to tighten up our computer systems, in 2018, phishing feels like one of the most dangerous things. Sure, getting someone to open a dangerous attachment that exploits a PDF bug (is there an infinite supply?) is a problem, but let’s imagine users running on such tight systems that dangerous attachments are no […]

  • We Are Really Unhappy with Our Operating Systems, and Don't Know It

    Linux has won. It is taking over everything, from tiny devices to the biggest super-computers. Apple’s operating systems are all pretty much on the same model, and Microsoft always seems to be trotting along in roughly this direction, too. The idea is pretty cool: Give each program a uniform view of the machine, keep them […]

  • Our Founding Fathers–Eating

    I have occasionally imagined a piece of historical fiction, a Rip van Winkle story where John Adams (a grumpy, wise, philosopher) or Ben Franklin (a gourmand, party animal, and scientist) or maybe Tom Jefferson (a million contradictions who liked liberty and revolution and food and wine and books and women of all colors) is dropped […]

  • What Makes Anyone Think Physics is Not a Religion?

    [I am sure this is not original, on so many levels, but my fingers are compelled to try to capture these thoughts. Forgive me.] At a fundamental level physicists appear to be deeply religious. Their Articles of Faith are something like this: There is order, This order can be understood by us, It is predictive, […]

  • Android Car Radio?

    They don’t seem to quite exist yet, but it looks like we are getting close to having nice Android car radios available. There are car radios with slide out screens, but the ones available domestically are proprietary software that I assume won’t be as good as Android and will cost a lot more for less. […]