Month: September 2012

  • As the protests spiral out of control across the world, who's responsible for the lost lives? Filmmakers or those who spread misinformation?

    My title is a tweet posted by @Ssirgany. But I don’t think the answer fits in a tweet, so I have moved here. Deaths are usually the responsibility of those who kill. There are cases of self-defense, probably a “just war”, and certainly a few other exceptions, but mostly killing is wrong and those who […]

  • Romney's Not Stupid

    Chattering classes are saying that Romney criticizing of our embassy–criticism released while the embassy in Cairo was under attack–these folks are saying that this was stupid.  Oh, how limited the critic’s vision. It was wrong for Romney to make such criticism, but was is not stupid.  Not stupid, that is, if his only goal is […]

  • Finally, my Picturephone, so cool! And ho-hum.

    I am a child of the future.  When I was young the future was going to be great! In fact every few years they held World’s Fairs to tell us about the future (and show us quaint glimpses of distant peoples and big corporations). One of the perennial staples of this future was the Picturephone. […]