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  • Async Rust: Why is it so Fast?

    Everyone knows that a web server, for example, will be able to serve up a lot more traffic if it is written using Rust async code rather than straight OS threads. Lots of people have the numbers to prove it. But I have wondered why, and none of the explanations I have read have explained […]

  • Using emacs as a Rust IDE

    Turns out I don’t like Helix very much. The problem? My fingers know emacs. I hate emacs, but it is what my fingers know. So I decided to figure out how to get emacs to be a Rust IDE. This was made a little tricky because I had attempted to do so a few years […]

  • Helix, Terminal-based Rust IDE

    I was skimming through the latest 2023 Rust Survey, and I noticed the 5th most popular “editor or IDE setup” is Helix. (Just ahead of emacs, even!) What the heck is Helix? Helix seems to be: Rust IDE, seems to do other languages, too, but I’m interested in Rust. Heavily inspired by vim, Written in […]

  • Python is a Great Prototyping Language…but One Should Never Ship a Prototype

    I really like how Python lets me start to get things working before everything is working. I can fire up an interactive debugger and immediately start playing with some library I Googled up and think I might need, quickly get it doing stuff, plug it in to other code and quickly get the whole doing […]