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  • Firewalls are a Bad Idea, Always Have Been

    I have always argued that using firewalls to protect computer networks is a mistake. The argument for firewalls is they are an extra layer of protection. My counter argument is firewalls end up being the only protection. Computers started out insecure—the fact they worked at all was frankly a miracle, how much do you want? […]

  • Kent's Super-Simple, Excellent Password Advice

    This excellent advice is simple, in fact its excellence depends upon being simple. Complicated is the enemy of security. If you follow this advice you will be among a very rare elite in how secure your passwords will be. Four parts: 1. Write down your passwords. On real paper, with a real pen or pencil, […]

  • Android Pattern Unlock Insecure

    When I first saw the pattern unlock feature in Android phones I thought: Cool! And I used it on my Nexus One.  Until I realized that it is a really stupid idea if I want my phone to be secure.  Don’t do it. The problem is that the phone screen gets smudged.  And when you […]