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  • Two Wristwatches

    I realized that there is a very specific group of people out there (Hello!) who wear two wristwatches. The Venn diagram makes it a pretty exclusive group.

  • Pebble Battery Life

    I decided that, cool as the shake-to-light feature is on the Pebble watch, I turned it off. Saves battery life. And, frankly, it can be annoying if one sleeps with a watch or is in a movie theater. But I don’t know how long my year-plus-old watch lasts in this setting because I have taken […]

  • Google's Project Glass: Dies at the Hands of a Smart Watch?

    As I am trying to understand Google’s Project Glass, yesterday I did something disturbing. As I was leaving work, wondering what temperature I would find as I left the building, I started to look at my watch. Uh, oh: A “smart watch” might take important wind out of the sails of Project Glass’s acceptance. Usually […]